Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cell phone multimedia

I really like cell phone cameras. If you always have your cell with you, you always have a camera. And the quality is amazingly good, way better than you can see on the little cell phone screens. (I do always have my cell with me, even when I'm rock climbing in an area with no coverage. That's why my current phone, like one of its predecessors, has a crack in its cover, from my swinging into rock.)

A couple weeks ago a photographer pointed out to me that you can send images directly from your cellphone to a blog -- no laptop or computer intervening. I quickly set that up, on Jay Tumblz, and have been having daily fun with it.

But your cellphone is actually even better than this -- with sound, audio, and video, it's a full multimedia machine. So yesterday, passing through Rock Creek on foot and in my car, I stopped to create a mini "multimedia" piece on the rain-swollen stream, with nothing more than my ever-handy cell. It's called "Rock Creek Rain."

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