Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marching, marching

Marches on Washington are quite an industry here. A week ago we had Glenn Beck and the Rev. Al Sharpton (I have an odd connection with the Rev. — see the author of Al Sharpton: Community Activist.)

And there's another one coming up in October.   "One Nation"  says it is about "Demanding All the Changes We Voted For." The One Nation march is on October 2, with strong backing from labor and a variety of other groups.

One person who will be there is Anthony Anderson, a "floor tech" at a nursing home in Baltimore. (Before you smile at the job title, understand it's no joke — if Anthony makes a mistake and mixes the wrong ingredients to do a floor people will soon be jumping out the windows as the fire department arrives!) Photographing him I got to hear some of his story, moving from prison to redemption and a good union job. Anthony says he'll be coming to Washington for the march and bringing his 18-year-old son. I'll be looking for them.

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