Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hidden banker

When a meeting of the Institute for International Finance held at the National Archives last week ended, some of the world's biggest bankers – from the CEO of JPMorgan Chase to that of France's Société Générale – emerged from the building and headed to their limos.

Most did not want to talk, and a few would have preferred not to be photographed. Among these was Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and chairman of Goldman Sachs. A man whose financial height greatly outdistances his physical stature, he took advantage of that and the rain to pull an official Goldman umbrella closely over his head and disappear from view.

How to deal with this? By dropping my camera to knee-level and shooting upwards, hoping that repeated exposures would do the trick. (Taking lots of photos is important in professional photography!)

And as the images revealed, Mr. Blankfein was apparently enjoying himself under that umbrella.

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