Friday, October 26, 2012

No. 16 in Wealth, No. 1 in Chocolate

When Forbes came out with its annual report on the richest people in America, it was fun to see a photo by me of wealthy person #16:  Jacqueline Mars.  In case her name is not immediately familiar, think of this - her grandfather put the 'M' in M&Ms (and Mars candy bars).

Readers of the list could see that Mrs. Mars is also the wealthiest of 14 billionaires in the DC area, and third richest woman in America.  (The two women who topped her on the list also have a familiar surname: Walton, as in Walmart.)

Monday, October 22, 2012

It works

I'm uncomfortable seeming to endorse products, but let me say this -- the new iPhone operating system has a nifty "panoramic" mode for the phone's camera, which allows you to take panoramic photos by sort of slowly swinging your phone around.

It works great.

The Poet in the Anatomy Lab

It's not the sort of place you'd immediately expect to find a poet.  But high school students interested in medicine who were touring Howard U's med school found just that when they visited the school's gross anatomy lab (some might call it the cadaver lab) and encountered Prof. Mohammed Ashraf Aziz, one of the instructors.

"Some people say beauty is only skin-deep," said Dr. Aziz, lecturing his rapt audience as they gathered around one of the tables.  "But I say no, the human body is even more beautiful the deeper you go."

Or how about this:  "Don't tell your beloved 'I love you from the bottom of my heart.' Say 'I love you from the bottom of my left ventricle,'" the part of the heart of that receives fresh oxygenated blood.

And to Prof. Aziz, this suggests a way to dump a soon-to-be-ex as well:  "Say 'I love you from the bottom of my right ventricle.'" That's the heart chamber that  pumps out used, deoxygenated blood.